3 gloves, TO that time

You remember Huck in the woods when he heard that strange noise them ghosts make, when they have something on mind they can’t make themselves understood about.

Except I don’t believe in ghosts, and I am perfectly a living human, the same would have happened to me today. My little sister grabbed my grammar to color it with crayons. I would’ve been making strange noises

Ollie — as she calls herself — loves chats about planet Earth with Della. She grabs at everything like Della.

Fortunately, she allowed some fair trade. I showed her a deck of Cincinnati Bengals. Seriously, only as a distraction, and I have another, in case.

You know grammar has four of them Aspects, the Simple, the Progressive, the Perfect, and the Perfect Progressive.

I happened to get confused: the Simple matter is Simple, and the Progressive is Progressive, but then, those Perfect and Progressive matters got mixed up somehow, I thought.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

For the Perfect Aspect, we can figure as if we have gotten TO a place. It’s the pattern with HAVE, so I reckoned about the baseball gloves I’d had before Jemma brought Buddie’s puppies to show how big they’d got, and… we forgot them for a while.

Image by Chris Pastrick from Pixabay

I’d had three baseball gloves, TO that PAST time.

Let me say no more, on what I was feeling. Now I’ve got four gloves, one from Jemma’s dad, and I can reckon on that Perfect and Progressive matter with some inner absolute comfort.

The Perfect Progressive thing is like about life’s business AT some “place” IN time. We combine the Perfect and the Progressive.


I am playing.


I have played

Perfect Progressive

I have been playing.

We can decide if this “place” in time is in the present, past, or future, and figure how we have been doing, for the Present, or how we had been doing in the Past, and even how we will have been doing, for the Future.

We can figure on other people too, or creatures and matters. This is Buddie, a true Alsatian. She‘ll have been staying with me and Jemma for two hours, when the clock goes four.

Jemma named her Buddie ’cause when a puppy, Buddie always ran straight ahead. and out in the flower garden, when you let her out of the house.